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Matt Mason


If so, you will recall the corruption and murders the police committed.  I am an actual innocent prisoner, and I can prove it. 


This case has it all:

- Police corruption

- Judicial cover up

- State perjury and witness intimidation

- State withholding and destroying evidence

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On December 30, 1985 Gurcia Mae Johnson, a drug user and dealer, long-term pimp, prostitute and police informant was murdered. She was from Mansfield, Ohio and in her mid-30’s. Her body was found in Mifflin State Park by the reservoir, with knife slash wounds to her neck. She was nude with her clothing scattered near her body. Mifflin is in Ashland County, just over the county line. She had a brother, Marshall Smith (AKA Kennon). She was above average fighting skills.



On December 30, 1985 Gurcia Johnson was in a local downtown Mansfield Bar called The Kallethea Bar, known to be a prostitution and drug den. She was with her best friend, LaTreva “Tiger” Perdue, a fellow prostitute and drug user. They met up with two men, one was taller with dark hair and "chin whiskers", the other was shorter with light hair. The men wanted to buy some marijuana and engage the women for sex. The women left with the men and got into an old burnt-orange pickup truck, which had a homemade wooden bed. The bed was constructed so as to block the view from the rear window. The truck also had a floor shifter.  

The taller of the two men drove and gave Johnson $20 for the marijuana, whereupon she directed them to a house, went inside, and returned with a small amount of marijuana in a baggie. They all smoked some and the taller man became agitated, and accused Johnson of having taken some of the marijuana out of the bag.  Perdue became uncomfortable and urged Johnson to leave with her at a stop light, but Johnson said that the men had money and she 'wanted some of it".  Perdue bailed out at a stop light and the truck drove away.

Approximately 3 hours later, at around 11pm, Gregory Jackson was driving through the Charles Mill Lake Reservoir Park in Mifflin, Ohio, the next town over from Mansfield, and across the county line into Ashland County. He discovered a body in the snow.

Johnson had bruises on the left side of her nose and face, bruised and cracked ribs on the left side of her body, and several slash wounds across her neck which were inflicted from left to right, upwards and from behind. One of the slashes had nicked an artery and she bled to death. All these wounds were inflicted by a right-handed person.  

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Matt Mason A231-446

Grafton Correctional Institution

2500 Avon Belden Road

Grafton, OHIO 44044

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  • Members of the victim’s family are of the opinion that Matt is innocent of the murder of their loved one, and he should have a new and fair trial, so the truth can be established.
  • The victim’s own brother testified on Matt’s behalf at trial. 
  • At Trial, every witness including the State witnesses who were known to have been at the Kallethea Bar, and who had seen two men with the victim Gurcia Johnson, stated that Matt was NOT the man in question.
  • Matt was not present at the Kallethea Bar on December 30, 1985. 
  • Three witnesses testified Matt was elsewhere during the time period in question. 
  • Every witness discovered subsequent to the trial, were known by the Prosecution to have testimony and  evidence favorable to the Defense.
  • State withholding and eventual destruction of fingerprint evidence.  Fingerprint evidence documentation is available to download below.
  • Several witnesses whose identity were withheld by the prosecution would have been able to establish that the truck does not match that of the truck previously owned by Matt.
  • Testimony by the Title Clerk for Richland County and witness Ronald Perkins confirmed Matt did not own the pick-up truck. This was what allegedly tied Matt to this case in the first place.
  • Prosecution removed a citation from the Bureau of Codes and Permits file.
  • Prosecutor’s Investigator has copies of receipts from the sale of the pick-up truck for scrap to the junkyard in June 1986, proving Matt could not have had this truck in July 1987.
  • Medical evidence clearly demonstrated the assailant was right-handed. It is undisputed that Matt is left-handed.
  • Matt and Gurcia Johnson were not acquainted as claimed at trial by two witnesses who clearly lied under oath.
  • Judy Taylor was not in the bar on December 30, 1985. In fact, she was not in the State of Ohio that day. She was in Maine. This is a known fact as confirmed by her ex-husband Joe Williams and his new wife Nancy Williams.
  • The Prosecutor knowingly withheld voluminous amounts of exculpatory evidence that proves beyond doubt that he knew he was prosecuting an innocent man.

THE ONLY EVIDENCE IN SUPPORT OF A GUILTY VERDICT is the testimony of four individuals who admittedly disliked Matt, who claimed that Matt told them he did it. The testimony from Dan Miller who faced certain prosecution, if he failed to perform for the prosecution.

Free Matt Mason

Free Matt Mason

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