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On June 24, 2005, Devon Schultz knocked on the front door of the Dayton, Ohio home of Shawna Harbor, and attempted a home invasion-style robbery with a gun. There was a scuffle when Harbor resisted, and she was shot by Schultz who ran away. No money or property was taken.

Billy Dixon comes from well-established and solid Ohio stock, going back five generations, being directly descended from the Battles family, which owns the famous "Battles Farm" of Mt. Victory, and the Clapsaddle family, as well as the King family of Mt. Victory (owners of the bank) and the Mouser family, large landholders in the Celina area. The Dixon side of the family settled Indian Lake, and Bellevue, and are police officers, firefighters and solid citizenry, including marrying into the family of the Willard, Ohio police chief. Much of Billy's family are bloodline Masons.

 Billy's mother, Dana Battles, a registered nurse, suffered an attack in 1990, and as a result, Billy was sent to live with his grandfather in Florida and, when his grandfather got cancer, Billy was enrolled in the OVCH Special Military program in Xenia, Ohio. Following successful and honorable discharge from that program, BIlly went to live with his father in Arkansas. Billy's father was retired from the Military and disabled, and had PTSD. Following an incident in which Billy beat up a kid who made fun of his father, Billy ended up on Juvenile Probation. During that time, Billy finished school and enrolled at Arkansas State University, but had to move back to Ohio and had his probation transferred to Urbana, Ohio under the supervision of Brandon Deskins, a County Probation Officer.

While living in Urbana, Billy met and married his wife, Gena. He had 2 jobs and took college classes as well. Unbeknownst to BIlly, Gena had gone to school with Billy's probation officer Brandon Deskins, and had broken off a relationship with him. Deskins apparently still had feelings for Gena and was jealous of Billy. This would become a problem to Billy.

Devon Schultz grew up on the streets as a member of a robbery crew who used her as bait. In 2003, this crew sent her to infiltrate a local crime family - the Biondis. They had heard of a stash house containing money and drugs belonging to the Biondis, and sent Devon to get close to the son, Josh Biondi. She did so, and after several months, Josh took her to the stash house, in Columbus, Ohio. She then called her crew and gave them the address, and then went to the shower. While she was in the shower, her people arrived and attempted to rob Josh Biondi, who killed one of the men at the door, and shot another in the back in the parking lot. Schultz came down, acted innocent, and called the police. Josh's father, Tom Biondi also showed up and negotiated a deal with the police whereby guns, drugs and money were turned in to them, and no charges were filed. Tom Biondi agreed to work as a confidential informant, as well. This brought Schultz into the aegis of the Biondis.

As noted above, Tom Biondi was the head of a crime family, operating in drugs, guns and influence. The connection between the Biondi family and Billy's family go back to 19999 when Billy's mom, Dana Battles, had gone to Arizona afer having been raped. She came into contact with Biondi who, she had known casually for years, without knowing about his criminal enterprize, and who then manipulated her into helping him transport marijuana from Arizona into Ohio. As a result, Dana was arrested along with two others. Biondi sent to Dayton lawyers to get the case moved to Ohio and cut a deal with no jail time. Biondi paid a bonus to the people for their silence.

Subequently, in 2003, Tom Biondi was almost killed by a rival cartel. He was shot and ended up in a coma. Dana Battles became his personal nurse. At this same time, she had opened a business, Mid-West Ink, where she hired only parolees to give them a second chance. This opened the door for Billy's probation Officer, Brandon Deskins, giving him the opportunity to get his revenge on Billy.

Brandon Deskins, still having feelings for Gena and resenting that Billy was married to her, used his position to gain revenge upon Billy brought about by his obsession with Billy's wife. Having Billy under supervision was the perfect opportunity. Deskins, checking out Billy's mom, Dana Battles, and finding not only her criminal record, from her association with Biondi, but also that she employs parolees, hauled Billy in to interrogate him about her. Billy's probation was the lowest level, with a specific condition that he could not be violated or arrested under the probation unless he committed a felony. Deskins completely disregarded that mandate from Arkansas and eventually arrested Billy under the guise of investigating Dana Battles' involvement with parolees and Biondi. Billy had no contact with his mom, the parolees or Biondi. Deskins told Billy he was investigating his mom and Biondi and the connection betwen Biondi and some sort of "Aryan Nations" out of Arizona and that Deskins would repeatedly have Billy arrested unless Billy agreed to help Deskins find out what Biondi was up to.

Deskins arrested Billy several more times, even to the point that the Probation Office in Arkansas told Deskins that he had no grounds to do so under the conditions of Billy's probation. Deskins ignored them and continued to harass Billy. As a result, Billy lost his jobs, and his college grants.  

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Case Summary (continued)

Billy eventually got Battles to introduce him to Biondi and told Biondi that he needed a job. Biondi gave him a job driving a truck back and forth to Belize, where he had interests, delivering appliances and working on Biondi's buildings in Belize. While in Belize, Biondi confided to Billy that he was, in fact, the leader of a crime family and told him about "a girl" having set up his son, Josh in 2003, involving him in a double homicide, which resulted in the loss of all of the family's money. Biondi told Billy that his plan was to have the girl help him rob someone for a half-million dollars to buy cocaine to sell and, thus, set him back up in power, and then kill the girl afterwards to complete his revenge. Billy immediately contacted Deskins and reported all of this to him. Deskins' call logs establish this and other repeated contacts from Billy at crucial times that correspond with crucial events in this case. Deskins assured Billy that he had contacted the DEA and the FBI and that there was a continuing and ongoing closely-monitored investigation being conducted and that Billy should continue to string Biondi along.

In Mid-April of 2005, Biondi was told that Devon Schultz, who now believed she was a part of his "family", had been arrested in relation to some sort of gang war, and flew to Ohio to straighten it out. She was released on June 22, 2005 with his help.

In April of 2005, Billy and Gena were in Belize and only returned to Ohio in mid-June, 2005. Their passports confirm this, as further confirmed by then-Secretary of state Condoleeza Rice. (Document available on Billy’s main website).

At this point, Billy first met Erica White, Tim Dean, Nikole Taylor, Pete Roach and the other members of Biondi's crime family, and learned that they were actively planning the robbery. Biondi wanted Billy to get involved, and Billy repeatedly refused, telling Biondi that his only job was to drive the truck to Belize, nothing more.

On June 24, 2005, Biondi woke Dixon up in the morning, holding an AK assault rifle, telling him "We need to take a drive". Dixon, Schultz and Biondi left and travelled to Dayton, pulled up to a store, and Pete Roach, Tim Dean and Angie Walton were sitting in Walton's car. Biondi said that two were needed to look out in the street, and one to follow Schultz into the house and take the money. For the last time, they attempted to get Billy involved, and he refused. Everyone but Biondi and Billy left to go do the robbery, at which time Biondi told Billy that Schultz was "the girl who had set up his son" and Billy put it all together and realized that Biondi planned to kill her. Suddenly, Schultz jumped in the truck, covered in blood, and told them that it had gone wrong, the "bitch jumped me and the gun went off". Billy got out of the car then, and watched them drive away. Billy got a ride back to Columbus where he and his wife had been staying. Biondi contacted Billy and told him "you know too much" and that he, Billy, would have to kill Walton and Schultz to "prove his loyalty" to Biondi and that he would keep his mouth shut. Billy told Biondi he would do it, packed up Gena, picked up Walton and Schultz, and contacted Deskins to tell him about the entire incident. He also attempted to call other law enforcement but they either took it as a crank call or said the matter was someone else's jurisdiction. Billy drove off towards Arkansas and eventually put Walton and Schultz on a Greyhound bus to go hide out, paying for their tickets himself, and he went back and told Biondi it was done, and drove the truck to Belize. Billy continued to maintain contact with Deskins, and awaited the big bust that would end the nightmare for him. Little did he know...

In July 2005, Billy assisted in getting Biondi arrested and put in jail. Billy and Gena were also kidnapped, placed in a Belizian jail, and tortured, causing Gena to miscarry. Eventually, they were permitted to contact the U.S. Embassy, whereupon Billy talked with Ms. Cindy Craig and had her contact Urbana, Ohio and Brandon Deskins. Eventually, Billy and Gena were released, and returned to the U.S., going to Arkansas.

Many years after trial, Billy discovered that, meanwhile, Dayton Ohio Detective Ward who was assigned to the robbery case initially arrested two people, Ashlie Amous and Mathieu Keefer and obtained false confessions from them that they had committed the home-invasion robbery upon Shawa Harbor and had them in jail, until they were eventually released when it was discovered that they were innocent. None of this was brought up before or during Billy's trial.

Eventually, Ward stumbled upon Walton, Schultz and Roach, and arrested them all. He also interviewed the entire group. They all stated that they knew Billy, but that he had nothing to do with the crime. Despite this, and due to Biondi's influence, Detective Ward obtained a warrant for Billy's arrest in 2006 and took him back to Ohio from Arkansas where they were living. Billy had maintained contact with Deskins and berated him for getting him involved in all of this mess, even sending him his and Gena's medical records to show what had happened to them.

During his trial, the actual pepetrators of the Robbery, all Biondi crime family members, testified that Billy had lived with them and helped to plan the robbery from April through June of 2005- exactly the time period he could prove he was out of the country, in Belize. His attorney, John Rion, who never even interviewed Billy before trial, refused to present the evidence in the form of the passport and plane tickets that proved this. Rion also refused to subpoena any of Billy's witnesses or other evidence, like Brandon Deskins' call logs which would prove everything Billy said was the truth.

Despite the actual facts and Billy's obvious innocence, without Rion presenting any defense, Billy was convicted and sentenced to serve 21 years in prison.

Billy has obtained the passport and visa information as well as plane ticket evidence, with the passport information confirmed as authentic by Condoleeza Rice in a signed letter, proving he was in Belize from April through mid-June, 2005 and thus that all of the witnesses against him were lying. The courts refused to even look at the evidence, stating that it was not "conclusive". Billy obtained sworn statements supporting the truth, including letters from Devon Schultz and Angie Walton and from Tara Summers attesting to the fact that she helped them craft their false testimony against Billy while in jail, and the courts refuse to grant any sort of relief. Billy even obtained copies of Deskins' call logs to prove his multiple contacts with Deskins at crucial time periods to support his statement about such contacts. Again, the courts did not care. Billy also found out that his own lawyer hired an investigator who went around to various prospective defense witnesses and threatened them that "their safety could not be guaranteed if they testified for Billy".

Not only is Billy Dixon demonstrably innocent of any involvement whatsoever in this home invasion robbery, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes that involves organized crime and corruption of officials that has worked together to rob him of his freedom. 





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